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Often one of the most difficult tasks when buying property is confirming whether the plot someone intends to buy has obtained DTCP approvals. It might be a good idea for a buyer to be awaare of to the conditions which would allow a developer to obtain DTCP approval for the plot in question. Today, I will detail some of the conditions mentioned by DTCP when approving plots.

The area of the proposed layout should be more than 5 acres in Corporation, Municipality, and Town Panchayat and should be more than 10 acres when located in rural areas for DTCP to consider a layout for approval.

Procedure for obtaining approval from DTCP

  • Submit three sets of applications in the layout application form with necessary enclosures. 7 copies of the layout needs to be submitted.
  • The local body will scrutinize the applications and forward the applications to the CLPA/NTDA with their recommendations for approval.
  • The technical sections will look into the norms and parameters for development of layout. Inspections will be conducted.
  • The proposals will be forwarded to DTCP along with inspection reports, copy of Master Plan, and detailed development plan along with recommendation or resolution.
  • Based on the scrutiny of the technical section, the road pattern will be prepared.
  • Once the road pattern is approved by the Director, the applicant will need to handover the OSR and road to local body.
  • The applicant will also need to pay centage charges to the Head of Accounts.
  • Once the receipts of remittance of centage are submitted, the Fair copy of layout will be numbered and entries made in the layout register.
  • Three copies of approved layout will be sent to the LPA/NTDA along with the order to move forward.
  • LPA/NTDA will send two copies of the approved layout to the local body.
  • Once the applicant pays the development charges at the predetermined rates to the Local Planning Authority, it will provide the final approval.