About us

What Constructions Aajtak is

Constructionsaajtak.com is an Online Platform founded in 2014 with a simple mission: to connect property owner and property buyers all over delhi-ncr. We want to give our users a place to solve property related query, meet people and exchange views accordingly.

So far we have achieved:

  • Over 30,000 users
  • 100+ projects Details
  • Almost 10,000 registered owner
  • More than 100 Property deals

and these numbers still grow! 

Providing Real estate solution for all projects with experienced person

Our experts specialize in every area you can imagine. Starting from Selling, through hard Reselling and renting to subjects connected with Any Project. No matter what property you need, you are sure to find it in constructionsaajtak.com! Furthermore, experts in constructionsaajtak have extensive experience and are really passionate about teaching. Most of the constructionsaajtak experts have been with us for years - their high ratings speak for themselves. 


In Constructionsaajtak you can meet people from different parts of the world so there's no problem to find a native expert in any project. It's fascinating that you can meet somebody from a different country without moving from your own place.

Comfort of using

Starting using Constructions Aajtak is really quick and easy. Registration takes less than 1 minute. You sign up only once and then decide if you want to create your profile or start Discussion. If you want to be both a broker and an owner it's also possible - we give you the full flexibility. 

Constructions Aajtak is for you if...

  • you want to improve your broking skils with an genuine discussion
  • you are looking for someone who will help you be better in all real estate projects.
  • you want to share your knowledge and experience with people living thousand miles from you and earn money at the same time
  • you would like to meet people from all over the world and broaden your horizons


Remember that in Constructions Aajtak you decide on your own when you want to work and when to have your free time.

Try us today, registration is completely free!


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